Courses at ESM

Classes, ensemble work and individual tuition are organised with the support of Université de Bourgogne and the regional conservatoires of Dijon and Chalon-sur-Saône, the two main towns of Bourgogne. ESM provides courses for performers and for instrumental and vocal teachers.

As well as reaching towards excellent individual practice, courses in ESM focus on group and ensemble work, creativity, avant-garde music and instrumental and vocal pedagogy.

Courses are provided in classical and contemporary instrumental music, singing and choir conducting, and in pop and jazz.

Classes take place in Dijon for instrumentalists, singers and vocal conductors. Classes take place in both Dijon and Chalon-sur-Saône for pop and jazz musicians and singers.

Training in ESM leads to:

  • a joint bachelor degree: diplôme national supérieur professionnel de musicien/licence de musique 
  • the instrumental and vocal teacher's diploma: diplôme d’Etat de professeur de musique.

The total number of students is about 120. This small number of students makes individual tutorship possible. It also enables a true group spirit to develop, which we feel is essential for chamber music and collective music making in all styles.

It is possible for non-French speaking students to take French language classes at Université de Bourgogne.

Contents and validation of the stay of studies

The contents of the programme studies are determined in dialogue with the student, the home institution and the ESM. 

These contents are the object of a Learning Agreement validated by the three parts, which is based on the ECTS (European credits transfer system). The plan of studies is available below:

  • instrumental music department
  • vocal department – singing
  • vocal department – directing
  • pop and jazz department