This certification validates the artistic and technical skills of the musician. It is issued together with a bachelor's degree and includes the area of specialization that the student majored in for three years.

The academic programs included in the DNSPM are offered for the following areas of specialization and musical aesthetics:

Pop and jazz Music
Vocalists and instrumentalists studying pop and jazz

Classical music
Instrumentalists with a repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary

Vocal Studies
Vocalists with a repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary and vocal ensemble conductors.

In addition to offering high-quality programs for each area of specialization, the programs included in the DNSPM certification also place a strong emphasis on collaborative projects and the interdisciplinary aspects within the academic departments. The core curriculum for all academic programs has a strong focus on the professional world with a course on professionalization lead by key players of the cultural scene (program coordinators, directors of cultural associations) and internships helping prepare students for the job market and public performances.


The DNSPM program for instrumentalists with a repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary is headed by faculty whose artistic and teaching careers are recognized on both a national and international level. This program includes the study of the historical diversity of chamber music as well as electroacoustic music, computer assisted music, improvisation and it helps familiarize and prepare students for the professional world.

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POP AND JAZZ Department

The DNSPM academic program for instrumentalists and vocalists studying pop and jazz music includes the following subjects in particular: instrumental or vocal training, composition and creativity workshops, personal artistic project support and guidance, improvisation, arranging, new technologies (computer-assisted music, audio engineering), performance training, general musical culture, writing lyrics, professionalization and applied workshops with professional artists.

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This program is supported by the resources available from the sound engineering department of the Grand Chalon Conservatory (CRR du Grand Chalon) and gets help from partners involved in the region's pop and jazz music scene and the Regional Center for Jazz. Musical activities are carried out in partnership with the Studio des Variétés (Paris).

Vocal Studies Department

The DNSPM academic programs for vocalists and vocal ensemble conductors with a repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary include in particular:

For vocalists: 
Performance and voice technique training, vocal ensemble, chamber music, creation of theme-based productions (early music, contemporary vocality or vocal effects, classical singing workshops), preparation for the job market, on-the-job training (working with the Arsys Bourgogne, Cité de la Voix and Opera de Dijon choirs).

For choral conductors: 

  • Conducting classes tailored to ensemble type (professional, amateur, children's choir), repertoire and styles. These classes include score study, conducting and rehearsal work as well as the opportunity to practice conducting with different vocal ensembles.
  • Voice lessons, master classes, preparation for the job market, on-the-job training (working with the Arsys Bourgogne and Cité de la Voix choirs, among others)

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