The professors at the ESM are committed to developing the spirit of innovation and sensitivity, which they implement by emphasizing three key areas:

Creation and creativity
Commissioning works from composers, creation of combined works by the students, improvisation, arranging, meeting composers

Independence and versatility
Students are taught project management, the interdisciplinary aspects of musical aesthetics and joint projects between the different academic departments and multi-skill training

Performing and community music awareness
Performance work and training, advanced instrumental or vocal work, implementation of community music awareness projects and group or ensemble practices

Firmly established in the region and focused on the future, the ESM has built numerous partnerships with professional institutions in the area. A connection with the professional world has an important place in its curriculum, which includes public performances (60 performances per year, 30 partners each season), familiarizing students with today's work environment (course on professionalization) and artistic or professional internships. These options allow graduating students to find a job within three years of earning their last degree, which is reflected in our high post-graduate employment rate of 95% - 100%.