The Student and Alumni Association (ADE - L'association des étudiants et anciens étudiants) of the ESM has been around for several years and is very active. In addition to welcoming new students every year, the ADE is very involved in organizing concerts and supporting the musical projects of its members. It also organizes different activities for the benefit of its members like the purchase of auditive protection devices, emergency first response courses, etc. In 2019/2020 : the current ADE president is Leonard Patrigeon, a second-year piano student; Céline Rimet, a second-year choir conductor student, is vice-president; Alexia Palais, a second-year clarinetist student, is treasurer; Sofie Garcia, a second-year singer student, is vice-treasurer; Cyrille Laïk, a third-year singer student, is secretary and Charlotte Carpita, a first-year clarinetist student, is vice-secretary. ADE currently has about 80 members.