Students enrolled at the ESM Bourgogne-Franche-Comté and especially those who meet the income guidelines are eligible for a grant from the Department of Culture and Communications. The income guidelines that determine the rate and amount of a grant are the same as those for all higher education grants (family income, number of siblings, distance between the student's home address and his/her university).

Grant and/or housing applications must be filled out and submitted online on the CROUS de Dijon website.

Please note: Grant/scholarship requests for an upcoming academic year must be submitted between January and April before the school year starts! For example, grant requests must be submitted between January 15, 2017 and April 30, 2017 for the 2017/2018 academic year.

When submitting a request online, students need to specify the following information if they intend on applying to the ESM Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. Via the section titled "cursus envisagé pour votre scolarité" (intended course of study), specify:

  • "vous envisagez de suivre un cursus LMD" (you intend on applying to a LMD course of study)
  • "supérieur conduisant à un niveau licence" (leading to a bachelor's degree program), in the domain of: "Arts et architecture" (Arts and architecture).

Annual emergency financial aid is available to help in certain long-term situations where applicants are not eligible for a higher education grant based on income because of an ineligibility for at least one of the guidelines laid down by the Department of Culture and Communications (financial independence, family break-up, students over 28 going back to school, and other special circumstances). A request for this type of financial aid must be made with the ESM Bourgogne-Franche-Comté administration.

In general, the Department of Culture and Communications schedules two application review sessions and therefore sets an application deadline (for ESM, please contact our administrator).

The application must include the recommendation of a Crous social worker. You must therefore schedule an appointment with a Crous social worker to show him/her your application (please call 03 80 39 69 38 to schedule an appointment).